Your TCard, UTORid and UTmail+

Your TCard is your student photo identification card, library card, and key to various student activities and services. You must pick up your TCard in person at the Koffler Student Service Centre, 214 College Street, Room 102 (St. George), the CCT Atrium – Lower Level, Room CC 0160A, (Mississauga), or the Fourth Floor of the Bladen Wing, Room BV498A TCard Office (Scarborough). Before you go, check the TCard website for the documentation you’ll need to bring with you.

Once you have your TCard, follow the instructions on how to activate your UTORid.  Your UTmail+ account is crucial. All official communication from the University is sent to your UTmail+ account. Your UTmail+ account is automatically created when you activate your UTORid; however, you do need to configure your account for your mobile/tablet or computer operating system.

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