What’s On(line) at GCAC in May 2021

In keeping with pandemic times, all the services provided by the School of Graduate Studies’ Graduate Centre for Academic Communication (GCAC) will continue to be offered online during May. While the mode of delivery may have changed, one thing that hasn’t is our commitment to providing support to U of T grad students for achieving their communication goals!  Join us in our virtual classrooms as we offer expert guidance on how to improve your academic writing and speaking skills.  Below you’ll find information on what we’ll be offering in May. 

GCAC Proposal Writing Courses

GCAC courses outlining how to write successful SSHRC, NSERC and CIHR grant proposals start in May 2021. Registration is now open, and you can find out more about what we’re offering here.

Online GCAC Workshops – Live and Prerecorded 

During May, we’ll be offering a wide range of live synchronous workshops, all aimed at helping you to improve your academic communication skills.  Here’s a list of what’s coming up – full descriptions of each session are available on the GCAC website. You can register for these sessions just by clicking on the workshop title. 

Live Online Workshops

Wednesdays, 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm ET
May 12: Giving Effective Presentations: An Overview by Dr. Jane Freeman
May 19: PowerPoint Techniques for Academic Presentations by Dr. Matt Jones
May 26: Organizing Your Presentation by Dr. Cristina D’Amico

Thursdays, 9:30 am – 11:00 am ET
May 20: Preparing to Write a Grant Proposal by Dr. Jane Freeman
May 27: Writing Effective Literature Reviews by Dr. Jane Freeman

Tuesdays, 9:30 am – 11:00 am ET
May 25: Writing Effective Emails by Clare Nippard

Pre-recorded Workshops: Check out GCAC’s pre-recorded online workshops, which are all designed to help you improve your written and oral communication skills. On our website, you’ll find descriptions of a wide range of workshops you can watch anytime – on topics such as becoming a more productive writer, working with sources in your writing, communicating scientific information visually and honing your email etiquette. You’ll also find two workshop series to guide you in the writing of research articles – one for students in the humanities and social sciences, the other for those in the physical, life and social sciences writing up experimental (IMRD) studies. You’ll find a full list of what’s available and how to register to view these sessions at this link.

GCAC Online Writing Centre Throughout May, the GCAC Writing Centre will be offering online individualized one-on-one synchronous writing support through appointments booked though our website. During these sessions, you’ll meet with a writing consultant, who will work with you using audio/video, chat and a document-sharing whiteboard area. Full details on how to book an appointment can be found here.

GCAC listserv Get weekly updates on all the courses, workshops and services that  GCAC offers!  To subscribe to the GCAC listserv, send an email to listserv@listserv.utoronto.ca (upper or lower case is acceptable). In the BODY of the message, type a command of the form: subscribe gcac-l firstname lastname

You will then receive a “Command Confirmation Request” email. You must reply to that email with “ok” written in the body of the email. Doing so will complete the subscription process. Please note: If you have an automatic signature in your email, please remove it when sending and replying to listserv@listserv.utoronto.ca.

We’re looking forward your joining us in May and throughout 2021! 

As always, stay healthy, safe and positive!

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