What’s Coming Up in August 2019 at GCAC

Improve Your Academic Communications Skills with GCAC!

The Graduate Centre for Academic Communication (GCAC) is part of the University of Toronto’s School of Graduate Studies (SGS). Our mandate is to help U of T graduate students working in all disciplines to improve their academic writing and speaking.

How can GCAC help you?

  • through courses and workshops that will make you a more effective writer and presenter at every stage, from pre-writing to editing
  • through personalized instruction and a modular curriculum that gives you control over what you learn and when
  • through targeted instruction that meets the needs of both native and non-native speakers of English
  • through insights into the genres of academic communication you’ll need to master to succeed, from grant proposals to journal articles to theses

We Offer Four Types of Support:

  1. Courses (registration required) (see below)
  2. Workshops (drop-in; no registration required) (see below)
  3. One-on-One Writing Consultations (by appointment only; book online) (see below)
  4. Writing Boot Camps and Intensives (registration required) (see below)

Registration is now open: Academic Conversation Skills Intensive: August 22, 23 and 26, 2019
ACS is a course for non-native speakers of English who wish to improve their listening and speaking skills in order to communicate more effectively in an academic environment.  If you anticipate you might have difficulty participating in class/lab discussions in English, or speaking to your classmates and professors, this course is designed to meet your needs. Over  15 hours (5 hours a day for three days), you will learn and practise a range of strategies designed to help you gain confidence as you develop your ability to engage in academic dialogue. In the course, we consider how conversational practices might differ across cultures (factors such as levels of formality, use of eye contact, etc.). Through a series of class exercises that require active student participation, ACS focuses on topics such as how to enter and exit conversations politely, how to present your ideas orally, and how to disagree respectfully. The goal of the course is to increase students’ confidence and effectiveness in participating in academic conversations. For more information, please visit the GCAC Boot Camps and Writing Intensives section of the GCAC website, where you’ll also find a link for Online registration.

Writing Centre Consultations
One-on-one consultations for graduate students seeking individualized assistance with their writing will resume in mid-August. In these 40-minute sessions, GCAC instructors work with you to improve your capacity to plan, write, and revise your academic assignments. While our instructors will not edit your work, they will teach you strategies to address your own particular writing challenges and to revise your academic texts more effectively. Appointments are booked online and are usually posted two to three weeks in advance of the actual appointment dates.

Fall Courses and Workshops at GCAC
As of this writing, we are still devising our Fall course and workshop schedule. We’ll once again be providing a wide range of offerings, all designed to help U of T graduate students improve their written and oral communication skills. These courses and workshops are all free for any student registered in a graduate degree program at U of T. We’ll be posting our schedule in mid-late August and registration will be in early September; in the meantime, check out our website to see how GCAC can help you achieve your communication goals.

GCAC listserv
Get weekly updates on all the courses and workshops GCAC offers for U of T graduate students!  To subscribe to the GCAC listserv, send an email to listserv@listserv.utoronto.ca (upper or lower case is acceptable). In the BODY of the message, type a command of the form: subscribe gcac-l firstname lastname

You will then receive a “Command Confirmation Request” email. You must reply to that email with “ok” written in the body of the email. Doing so will complete the subscription process. Please note: If you have an automatic signature in your email, please remove it when sending and replying to listserv@listserv.utoronto.ca.

For more information on the offerings listed above, please visit the GCAC website.

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