What’s Coming Up at GCAC: October 2019

In October, the Graduate Centre for Academic Communication (GCAC) is offering a wide range of single session workshops designed to help you improve your academic writing and speaking. No advance registration is needed for these sessions. Consult the workshop schedule on our website for times, locations, and full descriptions.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s on offer this month:

Targeting the needs of international students, our workshop series Academic Writing and Speaking in English continues in October with two more sessions – one on making accurate and supportable claims in English (Oct. 1), the other on punctuation in academic writing (Oct. 8). We also have two sessions on Informal Academic Communication for multilingual U of T graduate students in which you’ll learn about using small talk for networking (Oct. 3) and email etiquette (Oct. 10).

International students will also want to attend our “Getting through Graduate Work” workshop series, which features sessions on workshops on giving oral presentations (Oct. 7) boosting your writing productivity (Oct. 21), and writing literature reviews (Oct. 28).  Another new workshop series begins in October that concerns Designing Visuals in the Sciences. This series has sessions on using scientific illustrations, graphs and tables more effectively (Oct. 22) and maximizing your poster presentations (Oct. 29).

Remember as well that GCAC offers individualized one-on-one writing consultations. Get advice on your class assignment, term paper, research article or thesis chapter from our team of writing tutors. Writing Centre appointments are available for online booking throughout October.

Finally, don’t forget that registration opens Oct. 8 at 10 am for our November-December courses on academic communication, including our three writing courses for non-native speakers of English, a course on pre-writing strategies and one on how to give great oral presentations! Register early as our courses always fill up quickly!   

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