What’s Coming Up at GCAC in November 2019

The Graduate Centre for Academic Communication’s (GCAC) workshop series “Getting through Graduate Work” continues in November. This series of 90-minute single sessions covers a wide range of topics; this month’s lineup includes the following:

  • Reading Efficiently and Effectively (Nov. 4)
  • Developing Effective Note-taking Strategies (Nov. 13)

Also, learn how to upgrade your academic writing skills in GCAC’s 4-workshop series running throughout November – “Improving Your Graduate Writing.”  Whether you regard yourself as a poor writer or a good one, this series can help you in your quest to become a great one! Try to make them all!

Each Wednesday, we’ll focus on a different important aspect of writing:

  • Understanding Tone (Nov. 6)
  • Managing Flow (Nov. 13)
  • Establishing Coherence (Nov. 20)
  • Achieving Correctness (Nov. 27)

No advance registration is needed for GCAC workshops. Complete workshop descriptions and schedule can always be found on our website.

Don’t forget that you can book one-on-one writing instruction at GCAC. Writing Centre appointments are available for online booking throughout November.

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