UTGSU Gym Bookings for November

Did you know? The UTGSU Gym time can be reserved for the month of November on October 29, starting at 10:00 am.

To book a one-hour time slot please send an email to gym@utgsu.ca. or call 416-978-8464.  Please note that emails are preferred.

In your email, please list the player’s Names and Student ID numbers which are verified when booking. Please note:

  • From Monday to Wednesday Evenings, from 5-6 pm Badminton can be booked and the other times are reserved for the UTGSU Volleyball League.
  • Thursday Evenings from 5-8 pm can be reserved for basketball or students can drop in for pick-up basketball from 8-11 pm.
  • A one-hour timeslot on Friday Evenings from 5-11 pm can be reserved for doubles badminton.

Students must provide their T-card upon request.


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