UHIP Dis-enrollment Update – Fall 2020

 International students studying remotely outside of Ontario, Canada for the full Fall semester will be able to dis-enroll from UHIP from October 1, 2020. Please find some guidelines below on the process: 

  1. The UHIP dis-enrollment form will be available here from October 1 to November 1, 2020 (link via UHIP webpage). 
  2. Once approved, the student’s UHIP coverage will be cancelled and the fees will be removed from the student’s Acorn account.  
  3.  If a student has already paid UHIP fees on Acorn, it will be credited back to them. 
  4. Students’ UHIP coverage and fees will be activated again automatically for January – August 2021. If border restrictions continue, we will provide more information on how to dis-enroll for the winter semester in January 2021.  


  • Students are required to contact the UHIP Office to re-activate their coverage as soon as possible if they arrive in Canada before the end of the semester. 
  • Students studying from another province or territory in Canada in the fall semester should follow instructions for UHIP exemptions on our website (section Considerations and Exceptions). 
  • Students can direct any queries regarding their eligibility to dis-enroll from UHIP for Fall 2020 to: uhip.information@utoronto.ca

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