The Student Experience Mentorship Program is returning in January 2021

Applications are now available for staff, faculty and students who are interested in this unique experience.  Applications are due January 11! 

For those of who are not familiar.  The Student Experience reverses the roles of a traditional mentorship program and the students involved mentor the staff or faculty member in what it is like to be a student at the University of Toronto in this current moment in time. 

It really is an amazing experience for both Mentor and Mentee.  But don’t take it from me: 

“SEMP was an amazingly insightful experience that surpassed all of my expectations! My student mentor was so open, honest, and vulnerable in sharing her journey. Our conversations both challenged my assumptions and gave me the opportunity to reflect on the student experience as it is today. This was among the best on-campus PD experiences that I’ve had in my 10+ years at the University.” – SEMP Mentee 

“Thank you so much for this experience.  My Mentee was amazing, and I know I was supposed to be the Mentor, but I learned so much from him and really saw how much the staff and faculty care about the students.” – SEMP Mentor 

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