Apply by Apr 14: The Burstow Scholarship for Studies in Activism from the Margins

Established with the support of the late Professor Bonnie Burstow and other donors, this scholarship is awarded based on academic merit to registered graduate students working on a thesis focused on activism by populations traditionally thought of as mad, or which would once have been so conceptualized. The research must be in the field of radical mad perspectives or mad studies, which may include trans-disciplinary mad studies focused on non-medicalized approaches to madness in relation to disability, history, gender, sexuality, age, culture, normalcy, and other intersections.

The School of Graduate Studies is expecting to award approximately six $15,000 scholarships in its first year (this year) and eight scholarships per year thereafter.

Student deadline to apply to SGS: April 14, 2023

Visit the SGS website to learn more.

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