TEDxUofT 2019: Spectrum

When: March 23, 8 am – 5 pm
Where: St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts

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Join TEDxUofT for Spectrum, and evening of talks, performances, and more.

About Spectrum: In the space in between extremes, breaking barriers, blurring lines, refusing to fall into categories, embodying the complexity of our everyday. Spectrum fuels human curiosity, and is at the heart of ideas worth spreading pushing us to imagine past the boxes we place ourselves in. Spectrum reflects on the idea that our existence is riddled with complexities, with very few things falling into an easily definable category. Dealing with a spectrum means navigating the often overlooked grey areas and grappling with the ambiguity that lies in between extremes.

What is TEDxUofT? TEDxUofT is designed to gather the brightest minds in the University of Toronto community to spark conversation and connection. Through our main conference and bite-sized salon events, our team aims to continually grow a platform of free knowledge and entertainment. With some of the world’s most inspired thinkers and a community of curious souls, join us as we continue to engage with ideas and with each other.

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