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The Study Smart conference (formerly known as Fresh Start) is evolving! This year, Academic Success will be hosting multiple sessions throughout February to help students identify how they learn best- please share the following with your students and student channels ( links for registration are embedded directly in the text, so feel free to forward the below text directly) – many thanks in advance for your support in promoting! 

Join us for Study Smart 

The Study Smart series is a collection of programming that will help you adapt your learning to develop academic habits you need to get back on track, stay motivated and meet your goals. Choose your own learning adventure by attending one, some or all of the below offerings. Register at CLNx or easily register by clicking the dates below! 

Student Panels: Finding Success Through Failure: At this facilitated panel, hear from students who have experienced setbacks and emerged wiser and stronger as a result. 

How Feeling like an Imposter Impacts Learning: In this workshop, we will discuss some of the common ways that imposter syndrome can manifest in the student experience and discuss strategies that can lessen the impact of these feelings. 

Learning from Failure and Challenge : Challenges and difficulty are inevitable parts of learning – but they can be tough! In this session, we’ll explore the importance of failure in how we learn and excel, and how to bolster our self-confidence against “imposter syndrome”. We will discuss strategies to bounce back from academic setbacks and create an academic action plan to meet new challenges. 

Catching Up and Recovering from Unexpected Grades: These themed discussions are an opportunity to connect with a learning strategist and get “in the moment” support around how to move forward when you are behind or have received an unexpected grade. 

Effective Studying Techniques: This workshop will help you identify the key differences to expect with online learning and provide evidence-informed strategies to make the most of your online learning environment. 

Visit the Student Life events calendar to see these and more workshops available or connect for an individual appointment with our learning strategies and peers 

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