Take part in the U of T Student Equity Census starting Nov. 16

A university-wide student demographic data collection initiative.

About the U of T Student Equity Census

The U of T Student Equity Census is a voluntary demographic data collection initiative that involves a set of seven questions on gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, Indigeneity, race and ethnicity, and educational attainment of parents/guardians.

Equity, diversity and inclusion are fundamental values at the University of Toronto. Building on U of T’s Statement on Equity, Diversity, and Excellence, we are committed to advancing equity and inclusion within our practices and processes. As part of this work, we have launched the U of T Student Equity Census. The Census will support the University to better understand the demographics and experience of our student population.

Who should participate

All undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled at the University of Toronto on a part-time or full-time basis.

How will students participate

The U of T Student Equity Census will be accessible via ACORN, Quercus, and on the Office of the Vice-Provost, Students website. UTORid login is required. The census is brief and should only take about five minutes to complete.

When will students participate

The census launches on November 16, 2020. There is no deadline to complete the census – the information will be collected and updated on an ongoing basis. Students can log in to change or modify their responses at any time.

How this data will be used

The data we collect will be used to develop, assess, and maintain programs and initiatives that respond to the needs of our students. Through connections with other student-related data, we will be able to more effectively understand and improve the experience of our students. This data will also help us to strengthen student recruitment efforts, access, and success strategies to address and eliminate barriers within our processes.

The establishment of an Advisory Roundtable on the U of T Student Equity Census is currently underway. This group (which will include students, staff and faculty) will review feedback on the census and provide guidance on how to best report, share and use this data for meaningful change.

Privacy & confidentiality

Participation is voluntary and all questions are optional, with a “prefer not to answer” option available every time. Responses aren’t anonymous, but the data collected will be kept strictly confidential. Only aggregate data will be used in reporting.

Find out more

Questions on the U of T Student Equity Census can be directed to Jessie Metcalfe, Assistant Director, Office of the Vice-Provost Students at vp.students@utoronto.ca.

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