Sharing knowledge and experiences, U of T students to lead campus tours of Indigenous history

Drew Rickard is still determining what, and what not, to share.

He’s part of a group of Indigenous students from the University of Toronto and young adults from across the GTA who are being trained to lead virtual tours that celebrate the rich Indigenous history of U of T’s three campuses and surrounding areas.

The third-year Faculty of Arts & Science student and member of Woodsworth College – who is majoring in philosophy and exploring minors in political science or Indigenous studies – is both excited and a little nervous. He’s never been a tour guide before.

“My interest in this is really in my identity and reconnecting with that,” says Rickard who is a member of the Cree First Nation. “I’m proud of who I am. This is a missing puzzle piece for something that I was already putting together – and so far it’s been a great learning experience.”

The guides in training are encouraged to complement historical information with their own personal knowledge and experiences, giving the tours added depth and substance.

That’s the part Rickard wrestles with.

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