SGS Dissertation Guidelines for Students and Faculty

The landscape of doctoral education is changing. We know that many of you are interested in using more diverse methodologies, incorporating experiential education into your doctoral education, and producing work that prepares you for career trajectories inside and outside of academia. These changes have given rise to questions about the structure and format of the doctoral dissertation.  

We have added Dissertation Guidelines to the SGS website to clarify and communicate acceptable structures and formats of the dissertation to benefit you and your supervisor.  

The Dissertation Guidelines provide: 

  • Identification of the required academic criteria for a doctoral thesis
  • Identification of acceptable thesis formats and structures¬†
  • Guidance with respect to decision-making regarding the thesis format and structure¬†

COVID-19: Pivoting Research Plans 

While the Dissertation Guidelines are intended to serve as an enduring document, they may be particularly helpful in providing guidance to you and your supervisor if you are pivoting or modifying your research project in light of COVID_19 restrictions. These guidelines identify key criteria for addressing questions about what constitutes an acceptable doctoral thesis and provides flexibility in the format and content of the thesis when pivoting has been necessitated.  

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