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Making progress on a research article and getting it published is a priority for graduate students but finding productive writing time is often a challenge. Most of us have been in the position of having completed our research and then feeling the need to get it down on paper but dedicating uninterrupted time for writing is often challenging. ​What you need is the chance to step away from your routines and focus exclusively on your writing for two days.  That’s exactly the opportunity Research Article Boot Camp offers. We may be virtual now, but judging by the feedback from the participants in previous online Camps, this 2-day “retreat” still offers an excellent opportunity to reconnect with your writing and move forward on your project. Applications are now being accepted – please see our website to find out if you’re eligible and how to apply. Please note that enrollment is limited and priority will be given to first-time Boot Campers.

Online GCAC Workshops

During December, check out GCAC’s pre-recorded online workshops, which are all designed to help you improve your written and oral communication skills. On our website, you’ll find descriptions of a wide range of workshops you can watch anytime – on topics such as becoming a more productive writer, working with sources in your writing, communicating scientific information visually and honing your email etiquette. You’ll find a full list of what’s available and how to register to view these sessions at this link.

GCAC Writing Centre

While GCAC courses and workshops may have wound down for the term, don’t forget that we still offer one-on-one writing instruction. Writing Centre appointments are available for online booking up until Dec. 17.

Looking ahead to 2022

Next year, we’ll continue to offer a wide range of free non-credit courses and workshops on academic writing and speaking, so keep an eye on the GCAC website throughout December for the posting of our Winter term schedule. We haven’t settled on a date for opening course registration, so I urge you to join our listserv (see below) in order to receive notification. As many of you already know, some of our courses fill up quickly, so registering earlier, rather than later, is always a good idea!

GCAC listserv
Get weekly updates on all the courses, workshops and services that GCAC offers!  To subscribe to the GCAC listserv, send an email to listserv@listserv.utoronto.ca (upper or lower case is acceptable). In the BODY of the message, type a command of the form: subscribe gcac-l firstname lastname

You will then receive a “Command Confirmation Request” email. You must reply to that email with “ok” written in the body of the email. Doing so will complete the subscription process. Please note: If you have an automatic signature in your email, please remove it when sending and replying to listserv@listserv.utoronto.ca.

We’re looking forward to your joining us in December and hope that you all have a happy, healthy and restful holiday break.

See you in 2022!

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