Reminder: Register and Enrol

What is the difference between registration and enrolment? To register, you pay your tuition and incidental fees, or if you are receiving a funding package, you request to register without payment on ACORN. To enrol, you add courses. Deadlines to add courses may vary depending on your graduate unit. See the 2017-18 Sessional Dates for full details.

Pay your tuition and fees online
If you are a new student beginning your program in January and you haven’t yet paid your tuition and incidental fees or requested to register without payment on Acorn (your registration status on ACORN is currently “Invited”), be sure to do so as soon as possible: students who have not registered by January 12 risk removal from courses and will be subject to late fees.

How to register without payment (fee deferral)
You may be able to register without providing minimum payment if you have received:
• OSAP or other provincial government loan;
• US government loan; or a
• University funding package (major award, research stipend or teaching stipend).

Your funding must exceed the Minimum Payment to Register amount on your ACORN invoice. To register without payment, log on to ACORN. For more information, visit Student Accounts and SGS Graduate Fees.



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