PROFILE: Meet Saretta Herman, SGS Wellness Counsellor and Coordinator

Saretta Herman, SGS Wellness Counsellor and Coordinator

Saretta Herman, SGS Wellness Counsellor and Coordinator


Being a graduate student comes with its own set of challenges. It’s common to feel overwhelmed by the constant demands of research, teaching, and writing — and to struggle with finding a balance between work and the rest of your life.

Sometimes all it takes to find that balance is getting some professional advice. That’s why, since September 2016, SGS has offered full-time wellness counselling tailored to grad students.

Saretta Herman works from SGS Student Services at 63 St. George, where she provides brief treatment to students from all faculties and at all stages in their programs. Saretta does not take a “one-size-fits-all” approach: she listens carefully to students’ needs, and suggests strategies to help point them in a more positive direction.

Saretta’s advice? Search out professional counselling when you’re just beginning to feel overwhelmed. You can develop skills to help you manage these feelings, and can avoid experiencing a crisis. To get started, call the Health & Wellness Centre at 416.978.8030 and indicate your interest in counselling. You’ll be assessed by a professional and directed to the service that is right for you.

If counselling is not what you’re looking for, consider taking a free wellness workshop led by Saretta twice monthly in SGS at 65 St. George. Designed by the Student Life Health & Wellness Centre, these workshops take a graduate student slant on the “Better Coping” series open to all students at the Koffler Student Services Centre. To register, call the Health & Wellness Centre at 416.978.8030 or contact your intake counsellor/clinician. Registration is limited to 15 participants, so be sure to register early. If you have accessibility accommodation needs, please advise during your registration.

Not based on St. George campus? Both U of T Scarborough and U of T Mississauga offer wellness counselling services. Learn more: UTSC and UTM.

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