PROFILE: Meet Michelle Ekuban, SGS Financial Advisor

Michelle Ekuban, SGS Financial Advisor

Michelle Ekuban, SGS Financial Advisor

If you’ve visited the renovated School of Graduates Studies at 63 St. George Street, you may have seen Michelle Ekuban. She works right on the front lines of Student Services in Room 101, just steps from the Graduate Student Lounge.

A typical day for Michelle involves fielding grad students’ questions about a wide range of financial issues. Need help understanding your options when you’re experiencing a financial emergency? Are you confused by eligibility requirements for an Accessibility Grant or government financial assistance? Do you need assistance preparing the application for a Master’s Tuition Bursary or an SGS Emergency Grant? Michelle can provide direction and support. A self-described “triage worker,” she can quickly assess your needs and suggest campus-wide resources and contacts, whether at SGS, Enrolment Services, or further afield.

As the SGS Financial Advisor, what is Michelle’s top advice? When you have financial questions, check in first with your own graduate unit. If you need additional assistance, book an appointment with Michelle by calling 416.978.2839 or emailing While phone and drop-in consultations can be effective for general questions, you’ll be better able to tackle complex issues during a pre-arranged meeting.

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