Previous SGS Research Travel & Conference Grants

Graduate students who have received a 2019-2020 travel and/or conference award, and have yet to travel, may alter or delay their originally proposed travel dates or destinations. Using the SGS Change Request Form, students can opt to change or defer their proposed travel or decline the grant and reapply to a future application cycle, should the travel not be expected in the near future.

In either case, students will receive – at a minimum – the same level of support, provided the destination and duration remains the same. Students who must cancel or pay to reschedule their pre-purchased travel, can access the SGS Emergency Grant to help cover the unexpected additional expenses.

Travel grant recipients who are currently traveling with an SGS grant and must either extend or shorten their trip due to COVID-19, can request a reassessment by submitting an SGS Travel Special Circumstances Form along with the usual SGS Conference / Research Travel Grant Payment Activation Form.

SGS Emergency Loans are also available for students who need an advance on their next funding payment (e.g. TA, RA, award).

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