Oct. 6 – 9: Improving Your Graduate and Postdoc Experience

Hosted by Grad Room 

What does a great graduate experience look like and how do I get it?  Hear from senior graduate students, postdocs, and recent alumni share insights into how to overcome challenges, what to look out for, and how set yourself up for success.

October 6 Registration for Professional Master’s session at 12 pm (EDT) 
October 7 Registration for Research Master’s session at 12 pm (EDT)
October 8 Registration for PhD session at 12 pm (EDT)
October 9 Registration for Postdoc session at 12 pm (EDT)

UofT Libraries will be offering two sections of Searching the Literature: Humanities and Social Sciences
Nov 3rd 7-9pm (link to register) & Nov 20th 2-4pm (link to register).  You can find other U of T Libraries workshops on their event calendar.

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