New Grad Student Bursaries at Massey College

We are pleased to announce the launch of new bursaries developed in collaboration with  Massey College, a graduate students’ residential community affiliated with, but independent from, the University of Toronto.

The SGS Bursaries at Massey College will cover the fees of Resident and Non-Resident Junior Fellows who are Indigenous and Afro-Caribbean Canadian students, groups that are currently underrepresented among the College’s Junior Fellows. Applicants with a demonstrated financial need or related challenge will be considered for two Resident and two Non-Resident Fellowships each year as part of a three-year pilot program. In joining Massey College, recipients will be welcomed into a community of scholars and professionals from across Canada and around the world.

To learn more about these bursaries, please contact Amela Marin, Dean, Fellowships, Programs & Liaisons, Massey College at

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