May 1: Appropriation vs Appreciation

May 1, 11:30-12:30pm over MS Teams, register through CLNx.

A practical conversation about how we can practice appreciation of the vast knowledges other cultures than our own have to support us through this difficult time.

Have you found mediation, mindfulness or yoga to be really be helping you during this time?  Ever thought about the issue of cultural appropriation or how to practice respectful of the history these practices come from?  Join us for a conversation to deepen our open understanding as well as share knowledge about how to develop a personal practice of appreciation.

This session will be facilitated by Bushra Ahmed (Peer Community Builder & Equity Activator, Student Life: Clubs & Leadership Development) and Robin Waley (Assistant Manager, Co-Curricular Diversity & Equity Sport & Recreation, Kinesiology & Physical Education) and moderated by Mairi McKenna Edwards, Student Life Coordinator of Diversity & Inclusivity Training.

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