Mar 7: Graduate Student Experience Conference: Preparing for What Comes Next

When & where: Tuesday, March 7, 4-9pm (Main Activity Hall, 208, 569 Spadina Ave)

Hear about top skills needed in the changing workplace, how to identify your skills, alumni will share their diverse work journeys, and more! Meet new peers & leave motivated and inspired! Refreshments included.

Elyse Watkins- Future Skills Centre: Meeting Future of Work Needs through the most in-Demand Skills

Identifying your skills as a Graduate Student

Learn how to Identify knowledge, skills, and experience you have developed as a graduate student, how to articulate skills in career search development process and discover resources available through Career Exploration & Education.

Presenting your Ideas with Confidence: Tips and Strategies       

As graduate students, we’re often asked to explain our academic work with confidence… even if we can sometimes regard these ideas as “messy” and “in progress”. How do we find a balance between retaining a spontaneous, authentic speaking style while also planning our content (and delivery) ahead of time to ensure our message is communicated effectively? This session will also offer practical tips that you can use to troubleshoot common issues such as addressing stage fright, engaging a “quiet” audience, and managing your time.  Presented by Academic Success.

Introverted Leadership

What comes to mind when you think about a successful leader or team? Where do “introverts” fit into this? This workshop explores the power and strengths of introverts. “Extroverts” will reflect on how to harness the power of “introverts” for a more inclusive form of leadership that empowers all voices. “Introverts” will reflect on their energy management and identify their unique strengths as leaders to reach their full potential. Presented by Clubs and Leadership Development.

Alumni Panel: Grad Student Career Journeys

Hear from a diverse group of former U of T grad students who have successfully transitioned to a rewarding career and hear the path they took.


  • Debra Kriger, Ph.D. Exercise Sciences
  • Georgia Maxwell, MA English
  • Drishti Chawla, MBA
  • Hamza Bin Taufique, Ph.D. Molecular Genetics
  • Sana Zaidi, Master of Social Work

Social & Refreshments:
Provided by Veda


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