Resources for new and returning TAs

Mandatory First Appointment TA Training

Are you a new TA at the University? You are entitled to 4 hours of mandatory paid training. The Teaching Assistants’ Training Program (TATP) has several options for first contract teaching training. Contact your department for information on which training sessions you should attend.

For more information, check out the TATP’s webpage:

Online TA Week — for new and returning Teaching Assistants

The week of August 30th to September 2nd consists of synchronous online sessions that are open to all new and returning Teaching Assistants at the University of Toronto. These informative sessions include many important topics such as “Designing Effective Online Learning Experiences” and “Creating a Teaching Presence in the Online Environment”.  

See further details on the Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation’s webpage.

E-Orientation for International TAs

Are you an incoming or current international graduate student who is interested in teaching at U of T in roles such as teaching assistants (TAs) or course instructors (CIs)? 

The E-Orientation for International TAs ( is an online program hosted on Quercus and features short videos, a glossary of terms and abbreviations, interactive discussion boards, and other important supports related to teaching at the university. Topics range from how to find a TA-ship to the importance of intercultural teaching strategies in the classroom.

Presented by the Teaching Assistants’ Training Program and Student Life (Academic Success and the Centre for International Experience).

Visit for details and registration. 

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