Life Management Series: Advocating for Oneself & One’s Family through Letters & E-mail

When: February 15, 2-4 pm
Grad Room, 66 Harbord Street

Students with family responsibilities have a lot on their plate! When a problem arises — be it academic, family related, personal or professional — advocating for oneself and one’s family can feel like a daunting task, particularly if the stakes are high.

Traditionally defined as the “art of persuasion,” rhetoric is a powerful tool that students can utilize to better communicate through the written word. What is the best way to present one’s case? How can emotions be conveyed strategically and diplomatically? When writing a letter or e-mail, what should come first, the presentation of the problem or the suggested solution?

Facilitated by Dr. Jovanovic-Krstic (Innis College) and Karolina Szymanski (OISE), this workshop will touch upon these questions by focusing on the strategic use of rhetoric in letter and e-mail writing.

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