‘Let’s Talk International Partnerships’ Fireside Chat: Africa Charter on Transformative Research Collaborations

In early July 2023, a group of 100 universities in Africa and beyond, including the University of Toronto, committed to the Africa Charter on Transformative Research Collaborations. Co-created by Africa’s major higher education constituencies, the Charter identifies key principles for transformative research collaboration and sets out broad aspirations for change in policy and regulatory frameworks in both Africa as well as by higher education institutions in the North, and by funders globally.  As part of our commitment to the Charter, we invite faculty and students to this Fireside Chat to learn more about it, and to engage in discussion regarding its applicability to partnerships in Africa, but also how the principles may be applicable to other “global south” regions.

December 7, 12-1 pm, join Professor Wisdom Tettey, Vice President and Principal of UTSC, and Professor Alexie Tcheuyap, Associate Vice President International Student Experience, for ‘Let’s Talk International Partnerships’ a presentation of and discussion on the Africa Charter on Transformative Research Collaborations, chaired by Gwen Burrows, Assistant Vice President International Engagement and Impact.

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