Launch of the Official U of T Campus Safety App!

Campus Police and the Community Safety Office have partnered to release the official U of T Campus Safety App. This unique app integrates with U of T’s safety and security systems to help students, faculty, and staff move more safely on and off-campus. It also provides campus safety alerts and access to academic and mental health supports — all tailored to your campus of choice. 

The U of T Campus Safety App is available for free download at Google Play and the Apple Store.   

Key features include real-time Alerts for safety-related incidents or campus closures; Live Chat with Campus Police, connecting users with U of T safety staff in real-time; TravelSafer, allowing Campus Police to monitor a user’s route when coming to or leaving from campus until reaching a destination; and Mobile Bluelight, which sends the user’s on-campus location to Campus Police in a case of crisis. Additional features — such as Friend Walk and Support Services — assist users anywhere in the world.

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