July 20 & Aug 3: School of Cities Talks

Event 1:

A Posteriori Comparison: Repeated Instances & Urban Policy Mobilities
Wednesday, July 20, 12pm -1:30pm

In this talk, Sergio Montero will present a recently published article in Urban Studies on “a posteriori comparisons.” While traditional comparisons in urban studies have sought to find variation among similar cases by selecting a priori, in this article they propose to compare the findings of different researchers through a posteriori, that is, after the research has been done. This highlights the potential of posteriori comparisons to analyze contemporary global urban dynamics how to do comparisons in a more systematic way.  


Event 2:

Nature, Neighbourhoods, Network, and Neurons:
Wednesday, Aug 3, 12pm-1:30pm

Join Marc Berman in exploring research examining how more natural environments, can affect cognitive and affective processing. This approach is multi-scale, spanning many temporal and spatial scales and is multidisciplinary, combining elements of psychology, neuroscience, computer science, engineering, and environmental science. With a better understanding of the bidirectional relationships between the environment and neural processing we hope to be able to design environments to improve overall wellbeing. 


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