July 18: CGPD Grad Speaker Series

Join us for the July instalment of the Grad Speaker Series from the Centre for Graduate Professional Development! Come listen to a fellow graduate student share their research and meet new people at 66 Harbord St.

Learning Techniques: What Works and What Doesn’t?


As a (graduate) student, how do you make sure that you retain what you study? What are YOUR “go-to” study techniques? Do you prefer to block a day for a specific topic of you like spacing it out over a few days? There are various kinds of study techniques that students employ while learning.

In this presentation, we will explore what learning techniques are (also known as study strategies) and what role they play in teaching as well as self-regulated learning. We will also discuss which techniques are more effective than others and why. We will look at evidence and learn practical ways to integrate the more effective ones in our own learning processes. If you are a TA, you will also learn how you can integrate empirically supported learning techniques in your teaching practice. This session will dispel some myths while sharing various evidence-informed learning and instructional practices that can help you achieve long-term learning.

Featured speaker:

Dr. Nidhi Sachdeva is an educator interested in designing and integrating evidence-informed instructional practices. Recently, she has been researching this through the notion of microlearning and cognitive science. She developed a range of microlearning content using the science of learning as guidelines.

You can find some of Nidhi’s work in the video series on How Learning Happens. She also developed the microlearning video series for peerScholar. She was recently featured on the Progressively Incorrect Podcast (S2 E24: Nidhi Sachdeva on Microlearning with Cognitive Science Principles). You can also watch her keynote titled “Take the Load Off” delivered on Spring 2023 at the EdTech workshop organized by Faculty of Applied Sciences and Engineering at the University of Toronto.

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