Interested in joining the 2018/19 G2G Peer Advisor team?

Recruitment for new 2018/2019 G2G team members is now open!
DEADLINE: September 9, 2018 on; JOB ID: 128904.

What are G2G Peer Advisors?
The G2G (grad-to-grad) Peer Advisors are master’s and doctoral students trained in conflict resolution coaching. Grad students can talk confidentially with a G2G about any academic issue. A G2G will help fellow students to explore what their options are (pros and cons), what policies apply and what resources are available, and can help prepare students for a difficult conversation.

Who is eligible?
Anyone enrolled in a graduate degree program (part-time or full-time) on UTM, UTSC or UTSG campus can apply to join the G2G Peer Advisor team.

What is the time commitment?
The G2G provide part-time (6-8 hours per week) coaching, outreach to their peers within their departments and across the university. They also facilitate training and workshops for grad students.

Where do I learn more?
Information is posted on the Graduate Conflict Resolution Centre website.

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