Interested in joining the 2017/18 G2G Peer Advisor team?

The G2G (grad-to-grad) Peer Advisors are master’s and doctoral students trained in conflict resolution coaching. Grad students can talk confidentially with a G2G about any academic issue. A G2G will help fellow students to explore what their options are (pros and cons), what policies apply and what resources are available, and can help prepare students for a difficult conversation.

Anyone enrolled in a graduate degree program (part-time or full-time) on UTM, UTSC or UTSG campus can apply to join the G2G Peer Advisor team. The G2G provide part-time (6-8 hours per week) coaching, outreach to their peers within their departments and across the university.  They also facilitate training and workshops for grad students.

Recruitment for new 2017/2018 G2G team members in late August 2017.  Information will be posted on the Graduate Conflict Resolution Centre website and the job will be posted on the Career Learning Network (CLN). Applicants must be currently enrolled in a full or part-time master’s or PhD program at U of T.

Please note that for 2017/2018 applicants must have completed the 3-part (6hr) Conflict Resolution Fundamentals: Conflict, Communication & Negotiation Graduate Professional Skills (GPS) free workshop series (or demonstrate that they have equivalent training).  Register now for this August.



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