Intercultural Learning for Intercultural Thinking

When: (3 sessions) November 2, 9, and 16, 10 am-12 pm
Where: Grad Room, 66 Harbord Street


2 GPS Credits (Communication Skills) *Please note: you must attend all three workshops to receive the full GPS credits.

Differences in expectations and modes of communicating can be a major source of friction in the classroom, lab, and in workplaces more generally. The aim of this workshop is to challenge students to (re)think about culture; to recognize the working of culture in their daily interactions with others; and to develop strategies for communicating and understanding across cultural differences.

The workshop series will include short lectures, discussion, and experiential activities:

  • The first week will establish foundational concepts and set the tone for how the discussion around culture and difference will be framed.
  • The second week will introduce some elements of intercultural communication.
  • The third week will review some of the initial concepts in light of the models of intercultural communication and will involve a guided discussion and exploration of developing strategies to incorporate these skills into daily life.


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