January 12

  • Registration deadline for students registering or starting their program in the Winter (January to April) session; after this date, a late registration fee will be assessed. Minimum required payment due (unpaid fees from previous session[s] + 100% of current Winter session tuition fee charges).

January 12     

  • Coursework must be completed and grades submitted for Fall session courses

January 15     

  • Final date to submit doctoral theses without payment of incidental Winter session fees.

January 17     

  • Fall session grades available for viewing by students on ACORN/ROSI

January 19     

  • Final date for receipt of degree recommendations and submission of any required theses for March or June graduation for master’s students without fees being charged for the Winter session
  • Final date for all students to request that their degrees be conferred in absentia in March
  • Final date to submit final doctoral theses for March Convocation in absentia
  • Students dually registered in the Fall session must be recommended for the master’s degree by this date to maintain their PhD registration

January 22     

  • Final date to add Winter session courses

January 30     

  • Payment deadline to avoid service charges on unpaid Winter session (January to April) tuition and non-tuition fee amounts for all students registered in the Winter session only, except for those who have successfully registered without payment because they are receiving a full funding package via a research stipend, a major award or scholarship, teaching assistantships, tuition waiver, and/or sponsorships. Monthly service charges will incur starting February 15, 2018.

February 1 (international only)

  • Status in Canada exemption deadline (for reassessment of the winter session only)

February 2

  • Deadline to make a change to your name as it will appear on your diploma for March in absentia graduation


For details, please consult the Sessional Dates 2017/18.


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