August 25
Recommended tuition fee payment deadline for students registering or starting their program in the fall to ensure payment is received by the registration deadline of September 15, and to avoid cancellation of registration and course enrolment

August 28, 30, and September 1
Grad-focused campus tours by Gradlife (meet at 63 St. George Street @ 12 pm, 3 pm, 5:30 pm)

August 31
Grad Step-Up

September 4
Labour Day (University closed)

September 5
School of Graduate Studies Orientation

September 11
Most formal graduate courses and seminars begin
Transitioning to Grad Life

September 15
Final date to submit final doctoral theses to SGS to avoid fee charges for 2017-18
Centre for International Experience Welcome Reception

September 15
Registration deadline for students registering or starting their program in the fall (September to
December) session; after this date a late registration fee will be assessed. Minimum required payment due
(unpaid fees from previous session(s) + 100% of current fall tuition fee charges).

September 25
Final date to add full-year and fall session courses

September 29
Payment deadline to avoid service charges on unpaid fall session (September to December) tuition and
non-tuition fee amounts for all students registered in the fall session only, except for those who have
successfully registered without payment because they are receiving a full funding package via a research
stipend, a major award or scholarship, teaching assistantships, tuition waiver and/or sponsorships. Monthly
service charges will incur starting October 15.

September 30
Final day to opt-in/opt-out of Fall Health and Dental Insurance (HDI).

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