Important Dates – August 2023

M August 7Civic Holiday (University closed)(1)
F September 1Recommended tuition fee payment deadline for students registering or starting their program in the Fall session to ensure payment is received by the registration deadline of September 15, and to avoid cancellation of registration and course enrolment. International students must make a payment by this date to ensure they are covered by the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) at the beginning of September.(2)(3)
M September 4Labour Day (University closed)(1)
F September 8Coursework must be completed and grades submitted for Summer session courses and extended courses(4)
M September 11Most formal graduate courses and seminars begin(5)
W September 13Grades for all Summer session courses available for viewing by students on ACORN
F September 15Final date to submit final doctoral theses to SGS to avoid fee charges for 2023-24(6)
F September 15Registration deadline for students registering or starting their program in the Fall (September to December) session; after this date, a late registration fee will be assessed. Minimum required payment due (unpaid fees from previous session[s] + 100% of current Fall tuition fee charges).(2)
W September 20Final date to add full-year and Fall session courses
F September 29Final date for receipt of degree recommendations and submission of any required theses for master’s degrees for Fall Convocation without fees being charged for the Fall session(7)
F September 29Final date to submit final doctoral theses for Fall Convocation
S September 30Payment deadline to avoid service charges on unpaid Fall (September to December) session tuition and non-tuition fees for students registered in the Fall session only, except for those who have successfully registered without payment because they are receiving a full funding package via a research stipend, a major award or scholarship, teaching assistantships, tuition waiver, and/or sponsorships. Monthly service charges will begin accruing on October 16.(3)
M October 9Thanksgiving Day (University closed)(1)

For the full list of dates for Fall 2023, please visit the SGS calendar.


1 University holiday schedule.

2 To be registered, students must pay at least the Minimum Payment to Register Amount displayed on their current session ACORN invoice or have an approved request to register without payment (fee deferral) in place before the SGS registration deadline. A student’s status will change from “Invited” to “Registered” on ACORN when registration is complete.

Students who successfully register without payment should arrange to make payments throughout the academic year as they receive funding from their scholarship, award, or other sources. Full payment of Fall and Winter session tuition and residence fees is due by April 30 at the latest.

Students registered in the Fall and Winter sessions are not normally charged Summer fees. For students starting in the Summer, fees will appear in their ACORN invoice accordingly.

3 This allows up to 10 business days for processing and recording of the fee payment in the student’s ACORN account before the monthly service charge billing date for unpaid tuition and non-tuition fees. More information on service charges can be found on the Student Accounts website.

4 Graduate units may establish earlier deadlines for completion of coursework and may prescribe penalties for late completion of work and for failure to complete work, provided that these penalties are announced at the time the instructor makes known to the class the methods by which student performance shall be evaluated.

5 The precise dates of commencement of courses are determined by the graduate units; students are advised to contact the relevant graduate units for information. SGS maintains the 13-week graduate instruction period; however, if a course does not fall into the traditional 13-week period, the graduate unit will inform students of important dates and deadlines in the course syllabus. The University welcomes and includes students, staff, and faculty from a wide range of cultural, traditional, and spiritual beliefs. As per the Policy on Scheduling of Classes and Examinations and Other Accommodations for Religious Observances, the University will “…arrange reasonable accommodation of the needs of students who observe religious holy days other than those already accommodated by ordinary scheduling and statutory holidays.” For more information, please refer to Accommodation: Religious Observances. The obligation not to discriminate on the basis of religion is a statutory duty arising from the Ontario Human Rights Code, which carries an obligation to accommodate religious requirements.

Graduate students may only enrol in undergraduate courses with the approval of their supervisor or graduate unit. Students are responsible for meeting the deadlines and requirements of the undergraduate course as presented in class and in the undergraduate division’s calendar. Graduate students will be graded under the graduate grading scale. Students should consult the appropriate undergraduate calendar for enrolment and dates.

6 A final thesis is the corrected, approved version of the thesis which is submitted to SGS following the Final Oral Examination.

7 Graduate units may establish earlier deadlines for completing degree requirements. Students are advised to consult their own graduate unit for information.

8 Graduate units may establish earlier deadlines to add/drop courses but these dates must clearly be communicated to students. The last date to cancel a course or registration with no academic penalty is not the same as the last date to be eligible for a refund. Please refer to the Tuition Fee & Refund Schedules for Graduate Studies on the Student Accounts website.

9 Academic fees for full-time doctoral students in the final year of their program, and who are before their maximum time limit, are pro-rated based on the 12-month academic year. Sessional incidentals will be charged at a full rate. Academic fees for doctoral students in the final extension year, and who are beyond their maximum time limit, are prorated based on 50% of the annual domestic fee for the 12-month academic year. Sessional incidentals will be charged at a full rate. For details, visit Final-Year Fees.

10 Please refer to the SGS policy on Dual Registration under General Regulations section 6.1.13.

11 Students who start their program in the Summer and returning Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) students who are only enrolled in July-to-August Summer courses are required to register by this date by paying the minimum tuition amount stated in their invoice.

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