Humanz of Hip Hop

When: December 3, 1-3 pm
Where: Hart House Library

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Experience a specially curated Human Library that brings to light the relationship between hip hop and the world we live in. Humanz of Hip Hop is your opportunity to hear a unique hip hop-inspired story / inspirational story by someone from the hip hop community. Each participant in our human library can be checked out, like a book, for 25 minutes of one-on-one time. Hear a story, share an insight and gain perspective.

Come out and hear from Hip Hop Artists, practitioners, and enthusiasts as they share their personal stories that speak to and shape their unique identities! Check out our special collection, which includes Film Director, Director X; Canadian Rapper, Eternia; Emcee & Writer, A. Harmony; Award-winning Entrepreneur and Executive Director of Manifesto, Rookz; and many more!

Drop-in OR register on-line. You decide how many books you’d like to check out: speak with one Human Book for 25 minutes or speak to four Human Books over the entire event.

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