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National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women

 On December 6, U of T joins communities across Canada in remembering the 14 women killed in a devastating act of misogyny at the engineering school at Montreal’s École Polytechnique in 1989. Hart House is honoured to co-host this event.

Hart House Theatre Information Session #6  

Want to get involved at Hart House Theatre but don’t know where to begin? Join us online on Monday, December 6, 2021, at 5:30 pm to learn about all the different opportunities you can get involved with at the theatre.

Hart House (Virtual) Producers’ Circle – Fall 2021  

Imagine a songwriters’ circle, but for music producers, online. The Producers’ Circle is not about expertise, but about community. Each session, participants share various pieces that they have worked on, explore how they made it, and receive a wide range of feedback from peers.

Hart House Creative LifeSchool  

Hart House Creative LifeSchool has everything you need to live your best life. Feeding your spirit and soul through music, photography, visual arts, or theatre is just as important as academic or professional work. Nourish yourself by connecting with the earth, developing mindfulness, healthy eating habits and fitness routines. Meet people from different backgrounds. Experience something out of the ordinary. Engage with others while developing new skills.

Art Chow and the Hart House Camera Club: 60 Years and Counting 

Art Chow had his first photograph accepted into the Hart House Camera Club annual Exhibition of Photography in 1961. Since that time, Art has had over 500 photos accepted into this exhibition and he has been awarded one of the top prizes no fewer than 71 times, the last time being as recently as 2020. 
This event will present some of the finest photos from Art’s collection. 

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Hart House Theatre Musical Theatre Slam 

Hart House Theatre’s Musical Theatre Slam in partnership with the Singular Sensation is a new initiative to engage emerging musical theatre performers, and U of T students, in a virtual showcase. This inaugural Musical Theatre Slam is a fun performance opportunity for singers, dancers, and theatre artists of all experience levels to increase accessibility and inclusivity in the musical theatre community. 

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Camera Club Critical Salon December 

Join us to learn what makes a great photograph! Share some of your photos and have them publicly critiqued by a small panel of seasoned photographers. The goal is to help all participants recognize their strongest photographs and what makes them strong. Submit your photos by December 7. See link for details.

 U of T Student Spotlight – Playwriting Competition 2021/2022  

Submit your original script to the U of T Spotlight Playwriting Competition. Each year, an adjudication panel selects one winner and two runners up after the conclusion of the contest. Winning scripts are awarded cash prizes, time with dramaturgical talents to hone their scripts and the opportunity to have a public reading of their work. This year will be continuing to award a special prize to the script best suited for Virtual Performance adaptation.

Hart House Camera Club On-Line Exhibition: Call for Submissions 

The Hart House Camera Club is hosting a series of on-line galleries for photographers to upload photos that speak to a series of carefully selected themes. 
The themes will be announced on November 1 and submissions will be accepted until March 31 
Prizes will be awarded to the best photos submitted by U of T students. 

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Begin Again 

Do you need a poetry infusion, a bit of support, a burst of brightness? Take some time and get sparked by poetry, and by the actions and ideas of others. The Hart House Literary & Library Committee and Poet in Community Ronna Bloom invite you to join us for a workshop to hear and generate poems, write what matters, and begin again.

Hart House CHANGEMAKERS Series 

Join Hart House Conversations for a series of fireside-style chats between Hart House Warden John Monahan and inspiring folks whose discontent with the status quo propels them to be the change they want to see in the world. On November 24th, we launch the series with special guest Lorenzo Vargas. Hear Vargas talk about his work to ensure that those from marginalized, poor and excluded communities around the world have access to the technologies and the means to make informed decisions about their own lives and communities.

Bridge Club: Weekly Play 

Play with our Bridge Club on Bridge Base in a Virtual ACBL Club game and win ACBL Masterpoints.

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