Graduating in November 2020?

Virtual Ceremony 

Please note that the Chancellor will be conferring degrees on our November 2020 grads in a virtual ceremony in November. Your diploma will be couriered to you. Please ensure that you have a permanent address on ACORN, and that it is up to date by October 9, 2020 

The deadline for name changes for the November 2020 Convocation is September 15, 2020. Your name as it appears in ACORN is the name that will appear on your diploma. 

Is your name missing accents? 

If so, please download and complete the November 2020 Name on Diploma form on the Office of Convocation website and return the form to the address provided. Please follow the instructions on the form. Please note that this form is only for accents. The deadline to return the form to the Office of Convocation is September 15, 2020. 

For any other changes to your name (e.g. change due to marriage/divorce, adding a middle name, spelling corrections etc.), please fill out the form, available on the SGS website by September 15, 2020. 

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