Graduate Speaker Series

I. Canadian History: Celebrating Canada 150
June 28, 5:30-7 pm
Where: Grad Room, 66 Harbord Street


Julia Rady-Shaw, PhD candidate (History)
“Between Earth and High Heaven”: Canadians and Christianity in the Early Cold War

Julia’s dissertation unsettles historical assumptions made about secularization in Canada and incorporates ideas of “diffusive Christianity” (a concept used by historians of modern England) in order to examine the influence and impact of religion in Canadian society after 1945.

Dale Barbour, PhD candidate (History)
Undressed Toronto: Tracking the history of vernacular bathing and the commercial beach in a turn-of-the-century Canadian city, 1850-1930

Dale’s research demonstrates how bathing in the nineteenth century was a predominantly male nude practice, often done in Toronto’s semi-industrialized areas, and that bathers, more often than not, were coddled rather than policed by a middle-class elite who harboured their own fond memories of similar experiences. In this narrative the beach, as both a physical and social space, emerges as a conscious product intended to initiate a new heterosocial system of bathing.

II. Human Geography
When: July 26, 5:30-7 pm
Where: Grad Room, 66 Harbord Street

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