Grad Students and Alumni in the News

Congratulations to Alex MacIntosh (PhD student) and alumna Senjuti Saha (PhD 2017) for making news this month! Read more about their current research.

Alex MacIntosh

Alex MacIntosh (photo by Geoffrey Vendeville)

Alexander MacIntosh, a PhD student in bioengineering and biomedical engineering, received Mitacs funding to conduct research in Paris and help develop a video game to improve hand function for kids with cerebral palsy. Learn more.

U of T alumna Senjuti Saha, now a microbiologist at the largest pediatric hospital in Dhaka, Bangladesh, learned how to sequence and analyze data using the new platform IDseq. This knowledge helped her investigate the possible relationship between meningitis and the virus chikungunya. Learn more.

Senjuti Saha

Senjuti Saha

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