Grad Minds Workshop: #SafeSocial Social Media’s Impact on Mental Health

Social media has quickly become synonymous with the internet. Studies show the average person spends up to 6h/day on social networking sites. While social media enables connections and collaboration at an unprecedented scale, there’s also a dark side to this networked world that’s laced with addiction, depression, anxiety, harassment, and more. By every measure, social media is a risky behaviour like sex, drugs, or alcohol. Since it’s not going anywhere, abstinence is not an option, but you can practice #SafeSocial. How is this activity we spend so much time doing actually affecting how we think and feel? What is happening out there in the social media world and how is it affecting us? Adapted from its original TEDx talk with over 2 million views, this talk will draw from research and experience to illustrate the current social media landscape, explain the effects it has on us every day, and provide Bailey Parnell’s 5 steps towards #SafeSocial.

Date: Wednesday, November 18th @ 5:30 PMPre-webinar Survey
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