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Grad Minds is the University of Toronto’s Graduate Student Mental Health Committee. Grad Minds promotes well-being and provide mental health education through programs, initiatives, and events, with a focus on developing psychological resilience, personal skill development, self-care practices, and de-stigmatizing mental health problems.


Working towards our goal to promote advocacy towards mental health awareness, our mission states, “Mental health conversations are essential; we can’t be silent anymore. Our aim is to diminish the shame and stigma that surrounds mental health.” To help achieve this goal, we are asking the graduate students to share their personal experiences of what it’s like to be in graduate school/academia. All submissions are anonymous. 


Grad Minds Exec Meeting

Are you passionate about improving graduate student mental health and wellbeing? If so, then come to our next Exec Meeting and let us know your new idea! This meeting is open to UofT graduate students who want to share their ideas with the Grad Minds Executive Committee on how to improve student wellbeing. To attend this meeting, please send an email to with your new idea or reason for attending.

Date: Wednesday, November 11th @ 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM

Grad Minds Logo Design Contest: Voting Open Now!

Thank you all for your interest in helping us redesign the Grad Minds logo. We would like to give a special thanks to those who submitted their illustrations. Voting is now open until Sunday, November 22nd. The Grad Minds Executive Committee will review the top five logo designs with the most votes and select the logo that most closely fulfills the logo requirements. The winning design will be announced in early December.

Voting Period: Open until Sunday, November 22nd

COVID-19 Resource Page

The COVID-19 pandemic has touched each and everyone one of us in many aspects and varying degrees. Grad Minds is dedicated to providing you with the necessary resources that aid in the coping, mitigation, and alleviation of emotional distress during these times. Be sure to check out our new COVID-19 resource page on our website!


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