For international students: Canadian Legal Status Q&A

As an international student in Canada, you have to maintain your legal status and abide by Canadian immigration law and regulations.     

Please watch the applicable recording(s) before the session:

  1. Your Canadian Legal Status: Preparing to Enter Canada 
  2. Your Canadian Legal Status: Your Obligations and Rights as an International Student 

Then join us at this Q&A session to discuss these topics:

  • Your obligations as an international student
  • Maintaining your legal status in Canada
  • Eligibility criteria for on-campus and off-campus work
  • Eligibility criteria for co-op work
  • Eligibility criteria for the post-graduation work permit
  • Required documents for dependents (spouses and children)
  • Inviting family members to visit you in Canada
  • Getting a Social Insurance Number (SIN) to work in Canada
  • Getting an Ontario identification card
  • Income Taxes and Benefits

Please note that this will be a group drop-in session and any information you provide about your personal situation will be in a group setting. Therefore, if you have questions of a confidential/private nature that require privacy, please book a one-on-one appointment with one of the advisors.

August 11| 2:00- 3:00 pm. Register for Aug 11 Legal Status Q & A via CLNx.

August 15| 10:00- 11:00 am. Register for Aug 15 Q & A session via CLNx

August 23| 2:00- 3:00 pm. Register for Aug 23 Q & A session via CLNx

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