Feb. 8: Tastes of Culture West African Perspectives: A Taste of Ghana

UTM International Education Centre and Hart House co-present a multi-session journey to explore and expand our understanding of how food informs culture, and wellness. Each session will be an interactive conversation, led by a food and culture expert who will share a recipe that is significant to their culture and personal history. 

West African Perspectives: A Taste of Ghana

February 8 | 12-1pm

Jollof rice is one of the most popular customary dishes in most West African nations. This fragrant dish, which includes tomatoes, spices, and patience has many variations—including meats, fish, veggies and more. For this session, Chef Kwame will lead us through an authentic Ghanaian Jollof rice recipe, live from Ghana.

Join us as we learn how to cook a traditional Jollof and how this dish’s shared history shapes Ghanaian and other West African cultures today.

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