EDI in a Global Context

Developed by the University of Toronto’s Institutional Equity Office (IEO), the EDI in a Global Context webpage recognizes that geopolitical and humanitarian crises around the world impact the lives of students, faculty, librarians and staff at U of T, and that people may require very different types of programs, services, supports and resources.

The new webpage brings together engagement and education opportunities and available resources from across the university. It also invites participation in upcoming Community Check-ins led by Jodie Glean-Mitchell, Executive Director, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion and Shari Goldberg, Assistant Director, Faith and Anti-Racism. These meetings will help the IEO better understand the challenges communities are currently facing; design, develop, and provide more culturally responsive supports and resources; and collect preliminary feedback on the early stages of a Faith and Anti-Racism Framework.

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