Dissertation Boot Camp

When: February 22 – 24, 9 am – 4 pm
Where: TBA

Application deadline: February 3

Are you interested in registering for the next Dissertation Boot Camp offered by the Office of English Language and Writing Support (ELWS)?

To be eligible, you must be:

  • enrolled in a doctoral program in any U of T department
  • finished with your course work, qualifying exams, and primary research and/or data collection
  • be actively engaged in writing your dissertation

Writing a dissertation is a priority for doctoral students, but finding productive writing time is often a challenge. Despite its centrality, the dissertation is frequently neglected amidst all the obligations and distractions of everyday life. The Dissertation Boot Camp is a chance to step away from that routine and focus exclusively on dissertation writing for three days. The Dissertation Boot Camp will give you dedicated blocks of writing time as well as the opportunity to learn about strategies for productive dissertation writing. You’ll be required to ignore the Internet (lunch breaks excepted) and set aside other demands on your time for three days, giving you the opportunity to make significant progress in your writing. We will also discuss various productivity approaches to help you gain momentum in your writing that will last beyond our three days together. Learn more.


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