Department of National Defence (MINDS)- Scholarships Opportunities 2024

The Mobilizing Insights in Defence and Security (MINDS) program of the Department of National Defence (DND) is committed to fostering the next generation of security and defence scholars in the Canadian academic community and to encouraging a strong Canadian knowledge base in contemporary defence and security issues. To this end, the MINDS program has partnered with SSHRC to deliver the MINDS Scholarship Initiative.

The MINDS-SSHRC joint scholarship initiative offers a range of scholarships and fellowships designed to support research talent, including among Indigenous students. Multi-year funding is available for Doctoral ($35,000 per year) and Post-Doctoral students ($45,000 per year), with award supplements for Master’s students ($10,000). Full, one-year Master’s awards are available for Indigenous students whose studies relate to defence and security ($17,500). We encourage interested students to find further details on these scholarships by visiting the official SSHRC website.

Additionally, the Young MINDS Grant provides up to $10,000 in financial support for currently enrolled undergraduate and Master’s students undertaking research projects in defence and security.

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