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Read the March issue of the KMDI-Semaphore Research Review! Featuring Semaphore Lab head @rhondamcewen appointed @UTM Dean, an article on the Multimedia Emergent Mapping for Education project, new episodes of Critical Technology #Podcasts & more: #MEME 

 The tweets are below and attached are the images.  

Episode 4:  

Ep 4 of @smgrimes Critical Technology podcast has launched! Listen to @DocDre discuss his new book Distributed Blackness, his theoretical + methodological approach, and his critical research on #race & #technology. Listen: Read:   

Episode 5: 

Episode 5 of @smgrimes Critical Technology podcast has launched! Listen to the brilliant @Velixious talk about her nuanced & insightful research on transgressive, problematic, and toxic #game play. Listen now: Read more:   

Episode 6: 

The season finale of @smgrimes Critical Technology Podcast has launched! Listen to @davidgauntlett, leading expert on #Creativity Everything, discuss his new book and his life’s work on how we create + why. Listen: Read: @RyersonU 

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