Cook & Chat Programs @ Hart House

Nourish You – Conscious Cooking Class For You 

Thurs. Aug 6th 4pm – 7pm — ZOOM 

Join us for this tasteful conversation around vegan food, nutrition, and cooking. Follow along as Toronto’s vegan Chef and Performing Artist, Aisha Lesley Bentham takes you through 3 simple vegan recipes. During this time we will discuss the role of food and eating in our lives as students, educators and trailblazers and offer tips and tools on how to be a more aware consumer in this current climate. Come out and elevate your understanding of food and find ways to delicious affordable foods to fuel your body and mind. 

More details and registration here

Let’s Make A Ting! Cooking creatively while living on a budget and feeding your hunger FEELS 

Thurs. Aug 13th 4pm – 6pm — ZOOM 

For some of us cooking is a way to drown out the current state of affairs and indulge in tummy goodness. Living through a pandemic, and social unrest is challenging. How do we find the time to get an affordable and healthy meal in, while navigating these uncertain times? 

Join us for an interactive virtual session where we will navigate through tips and tricks on affordable meals. I hope you will embrace the knowledge, responsibility, and creativity that comes with cooking and share it with your communities. 

Facilitated by Richard Blackwood – Culinary Nutritionist and Food Inequality Advocate 

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