China Scholarship Council (CSC) Opportunities

In partnership with the University of Toronto, the China Scholarship Council (CSC) offers scholarships to outstanding Chinese citizens or permanent residents who will pursue doctoral or postdoctoral studies at U of T. Applicants cannot be working or studying abroad (outside of China) at the time of application.

For doctoral students selected by the CSC, U of T undertakes to cover the cost of tuition while the CSC will provide the student with a stipend sufficient to cover living expenses (including UHIP), return airfare and visa application fees.

The CSC aims to fund in its annual competition:

  • 20 Chinese students for U of T’s PhD program for up to 48 months
  • 20 Chinese PhD visiting students at U of T, for up to 24 months
  • 10 postdocs for up to 24 months
  • 10 visiting scholars for up to 12 months​

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